Programs Tailored Specially for ISOs

Azura Leasing is flexible.

We practically hear Brad’s voice in our heads:  “Get the deal done.  Do whatever you have to do.  Make it work.”  So that’s exactly what we do.  We bend over backwards to understand your needs, and get your deal approved.


ISOs are our top priority at Azura Leasing.

We get it.  Some leasing companies have their lease agreements built right into your Merchant Processing Agreement.  So defaulting to that company does actually save you a minute or two. 

Azura will make that up to you.  With better rates, better service, and happier merchants.  Just fill out one short application today, and tomorrow you won’t be working with your default leasing company, you’ll be working with the best leasing company.



Working With Azura Leasing is Rewarding

With Azura, you get all the little things that make a very big difference:

  • Hands-on support to help you close more deals
  • White-glove customer service to keep your merchants satisfied and loyal
  • The highest lease funding possible. 
  • Brad, our CEO, who will give you lots of little extras that we can’t talk about here.  Just submit a few deals, and see for yourself how far some partners will go to keep you happy.

Working With Azura Leasing is Easy

  • Download the Vendor Application (coming soon)
  • Fill out the application and fax it back to (888) 943-6790
  • Azura underwriters will review your application and get you an approval within 24 hours
  • Access your lease documents here 
  • Our vendor support team will walk you though the process of submitting deals for funding
  • All deals funded by 1:30 PM EST will receive their funds via ACH the next morning