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When you lease POS solutions and Credit Card Terminals from Azura Leasing, you get:


Lower Rates.

Noticeably, amazingly, much lower rates.  In fact, we haven’t raised our rates in five years.

Shorter Recourse Period.

Significantly shorter.  Not the typical three months, not even one month.  In fact, your liability ends after the very first regularly-scheduled payment.

 More Deals Approved.

Unlike the big guys, our rules are not etched in stone.  In fact, our only rule is to get your merchant approved.  Quickly, easily and smoothly.


He owns it.  He runs it.  He is totally there for you.  At the end of the day, our real difference is Brad.   Why Brad Makes All the Difference ›

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Azura Leasing Founder Brad Oliver


Get Started, Risk-Free


More, Better, Simpler Deals.

  • 60-Month Leasing on POS and Credit Card Terminals
  • Customized Programs
  • Generous Caps
  • Funding Via ACH
  • Faxable Leases Accepted
  • Great Funding Factors
  • A – E Credit Accepted

You Get Brad.

  • 20+ years leasing experience
  • Developed the Azura program with ISO partners in mind
  • Personally committed to getting every deal funded at the best rates
  • Vigilantly on top of his staff to ensure complete satisfaction — for you and your merchants

None of our competitors have Brad.


1 Hour Approvals

1 Day Funding

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1 Brad


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